What? Mouseless browsing in Firefox without an add-on?!?

September 10, 2007

Please shoot me. As long as I have been using Firefox, I only today tripped across this Lifehacker post from November of 2005: Hack Attack: Mouse-less Firefox Whoa.

One of my most bemoaned activities in life was browsing the internet because I always thought it had to be so damned inefficient. Yeah, I could get to the address bar (CTRL + L), use a keyword for any bookmarks (right-click a bookmark, enter a keyword into the Keyword field, type the keyword into the location bar + Enter), or launch a Google search in a new tab from the toolbar (modify about:config together with CTRL + K), but I still had to use the mouse to click links. Yuck!

I normally don’t do short posts, but I’m banking on the fact that some of you may not have seen it either. Very cool stuff!


4 Responses to “What? Mouseless browsing in Firefox without an add-on?!?”

  1. EB Says:

    It was published on Tue Nov 29 2005, that’s why I’ve never seen it. But cool find regardless.

  2. themarksavage Says:


    I can’t use that excuse since I only subscribed to Lifehacker 3 months ago. I’m just glad I found it at all. It’s always like finding treasure when you discover features for something you already use!

    Thanks for reading,

  3. gameswag Says:

    This is a nice find. I love firefox and keyboard shortcuts.

  4. themarksavage Says:


    Thanks! Same here.

    I’ve only within the last few months really re-dedicated my efforts to using more shortcuts, and it’s made a real improvement in my productivity.


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