The problem with “The Problem with Tabbed Interfaces”

September 7, 2007

UPDATE: I posted this before reading the comments on the post I referenced, so if you read those, don’t read this 🙂

Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror published a post today entitled The Problem with Tabbed Interfaces. He explains that he has difficulty finding the site he already has open because it’s obscured by the tab mechanism, which results in him opening multiple instances of Gmail, for example.

The depressing thing is that it’s usually faster to mindlessly launch a new browser than it is to go through this tedious routine of playing Where’s Waldo with (n) browsers and (n) tabs

Well, yeah. I remember having that issue, too, before I realized that I didn’t need (n) browsers open. That’s sort of the point of having a tabbed interface, isn’t it? All I could think while reading the post was, “Close all your browsers but one! Problem solved”.

Anytime I need to find a site that I know I already have opened, I find the single instance of Firefox in my task switcher, hit CTRL+TAB a couple of times, and smile. Maybe Jeff works drastically different than I do, but I’m missing the part where using a single browser is an issue.


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